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Presentation of our organization


TRILOGIS is a nonprofit organization (association loi 1901) founded in April 2014 by parents and grandparents of children with disabilities in order to "do something" for them.

Totally apolitical and nondenominational, TRILOGIS wants to participate in the life of the city by promoting the independence of people there with disabilities.


TRILOGIS aims to create an intergenerational home in Tarascon south of France, promoting the independence of its residents, located in the city center and to the rehabilitation of a neighborhood of the old center.


"Living together is better" is the motto behind all the action of TRILOGIS.

Key numbers

TRILOGIS has no resources other than membership fees, revenue from events it organizes and donations and grants it receives.

His great project of intergenerational home will have to be financed by donors (social landlord, developer, sponsors etc.)

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